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Inverness-shire Soil and Nutrient Network Meeting – event summary

10 March 2017

First Soil & Nutrient Network meeting on the Black Isle

At the first of three Soil and Nutrient Network meetings on the Black Isle,  21 local farmers participated in lively a meeting with SAC consultant Gillian McKnight, SRUC Soil researcher Joanna Cloy and SEPA catchment coordinator Peter Wright.  The meeting began with presentatGroup of farmers arriving for a farm walkions given indoors at ‘The Plough Inn’ before a farm visit to Flowerburn Mains.  You can view the slides from these presentations here.

  • Gillian McKnight discussed the value of both soil biodiversity and organic matter & how crop rotations, grassland and cover crops can improve these.
  • Peter Wright explained the Priority Catchment areas and how Catchment Co-ordinators work with farmers to address diffuse pollution issues.  More information on managing diffuse pollution can be found on the Farming & Water Scotland website.
  • Joanna Cloy introduced the new Valuing Your Soils booklet and the Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS) practical guide.  Later in the afternoon, the process of a VESS was demonstrated in the field.  The soils structures of both grassland and stubble fields were compared.

The farmer audience discussed the soil analyses from the host farmer, Graham MacIver of Flowerburn Mains. There was active discussion on the pros and cons of GPS soil mapping, how to increase carbon in intensively managed arable soil, and what cover crops are suitable in the north of Scotland

This was the first of three meetings over the next 18 months that will look at the basics of soil and nutrient management as well as innovative ways of assessing the efficiency of your farm.

Digging a soil pit to conduct a VESS   Discussing soil structure in a field


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Discussing soil structure in a field

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