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Soil Management & River Dee Priority Catchment Update: Event summary

27 March 2018

This was an interactive workshop looking at soil management and the River Dee Priority Catchment results.

The day started with Pete Wright from SEPA explaining the findings found on farm inspections and the progress being made to reduce diffuse pollution in the area.  Farmers on a farm walk looking into a field during the Soil Management and River Dee Priority Catchment update event

Following on from this the group went for a farm walk with local Agricultural Consultant Paul Chapman to look at agri-environment options that are battling diffuse pollution problems and a practical look at soil management where pits were dug to look at soil structure.

The day was then rounded off with a discussion on agri-environment options and how they both benefit the environment as well as help with water quality and pollution risks.

Key Messages

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of digging holes in fields to look at soil structure
  • Consider all the options to reduce soil compaction and choose the method according to the type and depth of compaction.
  • Analyse soils to make sure nutrients aren’t being applied uneccesarily – this will not only reduce diffuse pollution, but can save you money when you consider the results in the farm nutrient budget.
  • The SRDP Agri-Environmental Climate Scheme funding is available not only to help with conservation, but can help with the costs associated with reducing diffuse pollution risks.

Please use the links below to download the handouts available to take away from the event and related informFarming & Water Scotland Logoation.

To find out more about reducing rural diffuse pollution and for more information on Scotland’s Diffuse Pollution Priority Catchment work please see the Farming & Water Scotland webpage.

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