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Nutrient Network Farm programme case study: Aucheneck Estates

The Soil Nutrient Network was established in 2016 through a range of host farms across Scotland. The hosts farm would be part of a “Nutrient Network” of farms demonstrating the benefits of soil analysis, nutrient budgeting and the principles of soil management for enhancing productivity, reducing pollution and enhancing biodiversity. A series of on farm meetings were held at each farm over the two year period where external speakers and local farmers could get together to discuss how we address our soil management practices.

In 2021 we revisited 4 of the Soil Nutrient Network farmers to discuss the impact being part of the project has had on their soil management, productivity and business. We have highlighted some of the key messages the host farmers took from the Soil Nutrient Network through a series of videos and case studies.

Aucheneck Estates is owned by Campbell Graham and covers 1,915ha across South Stirlingshire. The land is all rough grazing and permanent grassland. The business is one of the largest beef suckler cow units in Stirlingshire, running a herd of 600 suckler cows which are a combination of pure Shorthorn cows put to Shorthorn or Simmental bulls with heifers kept for replacements. Simmental Shorthorn cows are then put to British Blue or Charolais bulls. After female replacements are selected calves are sold as stores at about a year old.

For more information about the project and host farm, Aucheneck Estates, click here

Read the case study here

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