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Rotational Grazing Vlog: Grazing with cattle and sheep and slowing pasture growth on Bute.



Ian is grazing the cattle and sheep together for greater grazing pressure. He discusses that he wants to graze the grass down to 1500 [kilograms of Dry Matter per hectare] – this is approximately 3.5 cm. He mentions they have gone into the paddock at 3000 [kilograms of Dry Matter per hectare], approximately 10cm. He discusses his Farm Average Cover which is 2100 [kilograms of Dry Matter per hectare], this would be quite healthy for the time of year but with grass growth at 30 kilograms of Dry Matter per hectare the Farm Average Cover may drop further. Farm Average Cover is a useful gauge of feed supply across the farm – it is akin to the feed left in the silo. With this information he may consider further adaptions to his farm management.

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