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Webinar: An Introduction the the new Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network: Lyking Farm

In this webinar, we introduce Lyking Farm, the new host farm for the Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network. Farm facilitator Graham Scott provides an overview of the farm and leads with the value of soil analysis and managing soil pH.  Later, Soil and Nutrient specialist, Dr Bill Crooks, SAC Consulting, leads a session about soil phosphorus levels and the options available within Orkney to address any soil phosphate issues.

Lyking Farm is one of a number of host farms from across Scotland for the Soil & Nutrient Network. Use these links to find out more about the Soil & Nutrient Network or general Soil Management

A photo of the title slide from a webinar. There are young beef cattle in the frame with a text box showing the details of the webinar. "Webinar - an introduction to the new Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network: Lyking Farm'.

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