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Webinar: Woodland Creation & Management Part 1 – Benefits of woodlands



We address the hows and whys of woodland creation and management in this series of webinars.

During this first webinar, we focus on the benefits of woodlands both to your farm and the wider environment, it is be of particular relevance to anyone who may be considering planting new woodland and to those who wonder just what benefits their existing woodlands provide.

Our panellists included:

  • Malcolm Young (SAC Consulting)
  • Leona Baillie (SAC Consulting)
  • Prof. Davy McCracken (SRUC)
  • Kate Holl (SNH)

The topics for discussion included:

  • The importance of matching tree species to the planting site
  • The benefits of woodland for livestock productivity
  • How woodlands can increase biodiversity and the benefits this can bring
  • How woodlands can contribute to providing public goods

You can access our Farm Woodland resources here.

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