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What’s the buzz with bees, trees and rivers? (webinar)

Riparian tree planting – what’s the buzz?

During this webinar we will highlight the multitude of benefits your farm could experience from riparian tree planting.

SRUC’s leading Agricultural Ecologist, Dr. Lorna Cole will give us an insight into the vital importance of trees to bees of all kinds and other insect pollinators.

Agricultural Consultant, Alex Pirie, will give us an overview of the many benefits that trees can bring to your farm business – from shelter for livestock, crops and soils to carbon credits – what are you missing out on?

Struan Candlish from The Ayrshire Rivers Trust will join us to discuss the many ways that trees can benefit the river ecosystem, and finally to close the event we will hear from Forestry Consultant, David Eadie. David will give an overview of the various grants currently available to support woodland planting projects as well as the key points to consider for tree planting.


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