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Farm Woodlands Information Sheet: Woodland Creation and Carbon Sales

Woodland Creation and Carbon Sales

With the strengthening global concern around climate change and the impact our emissions are having across the globe, companies and countries alike are searching for a solution to try to cool our climate and capture the vast quantities of CO2 that have been created since the industrial revolution. Trees have the potential to play a major part in the global effort to solve the climate crisis we currently face.

Download our Information Sheet to find out more about what’s involved in planting a woodland crop to capture and trade in carbon credits.

Find out more about woodland creation and management from our Farm Woodlands section of this website.


Photo of a cupped handful of soil. Growing out of the soil is a young tree sapling that has rolls of paper money notes attached to the main stem. The photo is titled 'Money Tree' and the photo makes it look like the hand is holding a tree that is growing paper money!

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