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Webinar: Brand Building (Part 1) – Where Do I Start?

  “Woodside Farms” Sound familiar? Tesco got into some hot water over the ‘fake farm scandal’ in 2017. But why bother to brand produce with a farm brand name? Covid19,…

Webinar: Brand Building (Part 2) – What Comes Next?

  Visual Asset, Favicon, E-commerce, Tik Tok… Sift through the noise and learn in simple terms the nuts and bolts you will need to design a brand, use it well,…

Women in Agriculture: Case Study – Patricia Sutherland

Patricia Sutherland is a crofter in Caithness, producing soft fruit which she sells at Wick Market. Alongside her husband George they have built up a successful business, selling direct to…

Women in Agriculture: Case Study – Jo Wallace

Jo Wallace is a vet and owns Machers Veterinary Services, Wigtownshire. Together, with husband Wylie and three young children, they farm the 300 acre Whitehalls Farm in Sorbie, and run…

Women in Agriculture: Case Study – Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith farms Westerton of Pittarrow and Cairnton Farm with her father and hard-working staff. Together they farm 850 acres with barley and wheat, potatoes and daffodils/bulbs.  They run a…

Emergency planning (advertorial)

4 April 2020


In the Scottish Farmer published, 4th April 2020, we published the advertorial below to promote our emergency plan that farmers and crofters can use to as a tool to help…

Smiling woman with green field in the background

Women in Agriculture: Case Study – Helen McColm

Find out what it took to stop Helen describing herself as ‘just’ a farmer’s wife…

The Cloud (podcast)

21 February 2020


Ask any farmer about ‘the cloud’ and very often the response is that they don’t really understand it, nor do they use it.  However the reality is very different –…

Online safety podcast

24 December 2019


We’ve been running events looking at digital security for your agricultural business.  After one of the events, Seamus Murphy sat down with Chloe McCulloch and Alex Pirie who were running…

Digital security: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

24 December 2019


Digital technology helps farming businesses to become more efficient and virtually every farmer will use at least one online service to run their business, whether it’s online banking, digital accounting…

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