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COP26: A changing policy climate (webinar)

Agricultural policy is going through a dramatic change, any agreement reached at COP26 will intensify the need for governments to reduce their carbon footprints and tackle climate change.

Guest speakers for this webinar are Steven Thompson, SRUC’s Agricultural Economist and Prof. Davy McCracken, SRUC’s Head of Department of Integrated Land Management.

Agricultural policy is and will continue to be linked to climate change and Scotland’s climate change targets.  In this webinar Steven Thompson will discuss the current policy climate and look at how the basic payment scheme may change in the future.  Davy McCracken will look to future at what these policy changes may mean for farming in the future where the farm will be expected to deliver multiple benefits.

This is the second in a series of five webinars focusing on the impacts on farmers of both a changing climate and changes in agricultural policies.

Use the links below to watch the other videos in the series.


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