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A white cow sleeping in a grassland field.

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Finishing Well

Beef finishing has long been seen as an inherently intensive activity, however finishing beef cattle at grass can be a productive use of time, while contributing to good habitat management…

A red and white calf with a yellow ear tag looking directly at the screen.

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Concentrating on Calving

Calving is one of the busiest times of the year for those in the beef sector and a crucial time for things to go right! A successful calving has huge…

A sheep standing on a hill landscape with the sea in the background

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Flock Resilience

While a Brexit trade deal has taken some pressure off the sheep sector the changing political and agricultural landscape means that it must adapt to the new challenges of climate…

Keeping children safe during lambing

16 April 2021


Lambing is an exciting time seeing new-born lambs either in their pens or lambing outside and taking their first steps. Equally exciting is how young children love lambing time where…

Future Crofting: Don’t fear the new gear

10 March 2021


Don’t fear the new gear. This meeting looked at two different technologies for livestock which were available under the Scottish Agricultural Capital Grant Scheme. Sheep EID stick reader and a…

Letting a Croft

7 March 2021


In this short video we explain why and how to let a croft, which differs from sublets and assignations. Owner occupier crofters, and landlords, might consider this method of keeping…

Richard Briggs of Briggs Shetland Lamb

Sheep management in coastal areas

28 January 2021


Sheep and Grassland Specialist Poppy Frater talks to Richard Briggs of Briggs Shetland Lamb – a company which sells Shetland lamb across the country from London to Lerwick.  We discuss…

Sheep in a corral

VLOG – Road to Market

26 January 2021


The culmination of a year’s hard work, the sheep sales in the autumn are an exciting time. But they are not the only option for your croft produce. Aoife and…

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