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This product will kill fluke from 5 weeks of age and over. Resistance to the product has not been confirmed in the UK so it is very likely to be effective.

This product could be used as a quarantine treatment in conjunction with triclabendazole – give the triclabendazole first when the new stock arrives, and the closantel second.

A gold-standard quarantine protocol could include two treatments with this product six weeks apart, followed by a three-week wait, before joining the main flock at pasture.

With all drugs, dosage should be determined accurately, but this is particularly important with this product.






When to use

From July to December use this product with triclabendazole (not at the same time) as a quarantine treatment.

Discuss timings of treatments with your farm vet.


From January to July you can use doses of this product 6 weeks apart as a quarantine treatment