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Grazing [BE.FF.GR]

    Magnesium Supplementation of Suckler Cows – Are You Covered?

    As turnout approaches, now is a good time to reassess your mineral supplementation strategy for grass staggers prevention in the suckler herd (also known as hypomagnesaemia or grass tetany).  Whilst access to spring grass is one of the key risk factors for lactating cows, with the high passage rate of lush, wet grass through the digestive tract reducing magnesium absorption, there are several other factors to consider.

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    Wormers And The Soil

    I have seen several videos recently telling farmers to reduce their use of wormers or cut them out altogether to reduce their impact on soil ecosystems.  This message is over simplistic and could be detrimental to animal performance and more importantly have a negative impact on animal welfare. 

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