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Silage [DA.FF.S]

    Maximising Silage Quality

    As silage time is just about upon us, it is worth thinking about the key steps in the silage making process to maximise nutritional quality and minimise nutrient losses as…

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    High Nitrates in Silage

    Silage that has had a late application of fertiliser or that was cut during the drought conditions this summer can contain elevated levels of nitrates.  This can have a direct effect on the silage quality, particularly the fermentation resulting in reduced palatability and a drop in intakes. 

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    A Guide to Feed Budgeting

    Forward planning forage supplies helps understand whether you will have enough conserved forage to meet the livestock demand – this is becoming more critical as weather is fluctuating more from…

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    Using A Wholecrop Cereal To Top Up Forage Supplies

    If you think you may be short of forage for the coming winter cutting and preserving a standing cereal crop to produce wholecrop may be worth considering.  It is a good bulk feed and can replace silage if necessary (may need additional protein depending on the stock to be fed) and it is ideal if you have undersown cereals and will give an earlier bite in the field or free up the field for early sowing of a catch crop.

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