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Silage Clinic – Key Messages

Making quality silage – what are the key influencing factors? Tips for making quality silage and minimising nutritional losses were discussed at a recent FAS event at the James Hutton Institute’s Glensaugh Farm. In this video we hear from Lorna MacPherson of SAC Consulting about the impact that quality silage can have on animal performance and reducing feed costs. Farm Manager, Donald Barrie, discusses the changes made to silage making practices at Glensaugh and the benefits that’s brought and Ian Hall from Kelvin Cave talks about how silage additives can help improve the fermentation and preserve more nutrients. The importance of a short wilting period, good compaction and a well-sealed clamp are also emphasised to help make the best quality forage possible, aiding efficiency and profitability in livestock farming systems.


Silage bales wrapped and stacked

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