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Silage [SP.FF.SL]

    Silage Clinic – Key Messages

    Making quality silage – what are the key influencing factors? Tips for making quality silage and minimising nutritional losses were discussed at a recent FAS event at the James Hutton…

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    Improving Silage To Reduce Costs

    Improving silage quality provides an alternative resource of nutrients to livestock that may have otherwise been supplied in concentrate feed. Ruminants have evolved to eat grass, therefore the more we…

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    Ensiling Potatoes And Grass Silage

    The recent cold weather and lack of grass growth has meant some farms will either have silage fields that are being grazed or simply not growing on as well as expected.  One way to bulk up feed stocks in the clamp is to add stockfeed potatoes.  Potatoes look plentiful and cheap just now and are worth consideration.

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    Improving Baled Silage Quality: What’s it Worth?

    When buying or selling silage bales, nutritional value is rarely taken into account, but the variation in quality can be huge.  Having an analysis to hand might allow you to command a better price if selling and the buyer is more aware of the silage quality they are purchasing and whether it is suitable for the class of stock it is destined for.

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    Handling And Stacking Silage Bales

    When making silage bales it worth taking extra care around handling, wrapping and stacking of bales to avoid costly nutrient losses and some harmful moulds that can cause issues with livestock.

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    Making more forage this year

    With contingency planning and system changes possible, some might want to hone the mind on making more forage to increase stocking capacity and stock performance this year. This article summarises…

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