Peebleshire Soil & Nutrient Network – Nutrient Budgeting presentation slides 22.08.17

These are the presentation slides from the 3rd meeting of the Peebleshire Soil & Nutrient Network on 22.08.17

Better Returns Programme – Management & Control of Common Rush

Funding for Woodland Creation & Woodland Management presentation slides from Ayrshire meeting

Presentation slides about funding for woodland creation & management from the Ayrshire 'Winning the battle against rushes in upland systems' October meeting.

Winning the battle against rushes in upland systems – presentation slides

Presentation slides used at the 'Winning the battle against rushes in upland systems' meeting, October 2017

Starting up an agricultural business

There are various and specific rules and regulations that must be adhered to when keeping farm livestock and managing land. This guide aims to compile many of these requirements and useful links to further detail.

Milk Manager News October 2017

New Entrants Newsletter October 2017

The newsletter includes an overview of the Dumfries and Lanark new entrant groups, detail on the Mentoring service available to farmers and new entrants. There is also information on woodlands.

AgriBusiness News October 2017

Scottish Natural Heritage – Engaging farmers in biodiversity

Engaging farmers in biodiversity solutions is an SNH-led project that is working to understand how farmers value wildlife and what they see as important in terms of conservation. It will help to identify what support is required for farmers to engage more actively in shaping their own solutions for biodiversity outcomes on the farm.