Health is your Wealth: Laura Hancock – Adapt Movement, Improve Performance

Athlete vs Farmer: What’s the difference? Is there a difference?

Athletes are paid to use the tools of their trade, to perform at their best using their body and mind, on a daily basis.

Within the rural industries, farmers, crofters, shearers, fencers, and others, are required to perform at their best both mentally and physically day in day out for income and ensuring longevity of their careers – exactly the same as professional athletes.

In the second of these webinars focusing on physical health for performance and mental wellbeing, Laura Hancock: a professional movement coach and educator specialising in rural industries will host a practical session taking us through breathing exercises, movement snacks, posture control and exercises you can introduce into your working day.

All you need is a rolled-up towel, floor space, and a chair for this practical session. No webcams required!