Improving livestock efficiency by reducing disease risk – Isle of Bute


Liver fluke is a major production limiting parasite that can drastically reduce the output of sheep and cattle and significantly increase death and cull rates on a farm.

Due to the high rainfall experienced in SW Scotland, many farms possess the ideal habitat for the mud snail which is the intermediate host of liver fluke.  Resistance to many flukicide products is on the rise and following one of the wettest years in farming memory, there have been catastrophic production losses on livestock farms.

This meeting is aimed at livestock farmers and will outline the current extent of liver fluke challenge and resistance to key treatments within the SW.  Effective control strategies will be explained by our vet Heather Stevenson who will also demonstrate this practically.

Methods of identifying and testing for fluke product resistance will be explained and the sustainable use of key fluke treatments will be outlined.

There will be an opportunity to cover other topical diseases and reasons for livestock ill thrift in the area.  We’ll discuss tup MOTs prior to the breeding season and will have a practical session focussing on body condition scoring.

Please wear clean clothing, and footwear suitable for disinfection.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.