Is compaction squeezing your profit? (Peterhead)


Managing soil compaction to improve farm productivity

Soil is a key asset to all farming businesses, however with the trend towards heavier machinery and extended working periods, often during wetter periods when conditions are far from ideal, increased levels of damage to soils, both seen and unseen, are commonly occurring. This damage can cause the inefficient use of inputs, cause areas to become susceptible to waterlogging, soil erosion, pollution, and run-off of nutrients.

We’ll take an in-depth look at soil compaction and discuss the following topics:

  • Understanding of soil structure – why it is important, what to look for, practical assessment. Tyre tracking in wet ground - there is water lying in the wheel ruts
  • The effects of compaction on soil structure.
  • The effect on crop yield caused by soil compaction.
  • Common causes of soil compaction – tyres, machinery, livestock etc.
  • Demonstration of different tyres and effect on compaction.
  • Methods of prevention for soil compaction.
  • Methods of alleviating soil compaction – some machinery on display that might be used to remove soil compaction.

For soils that aren’t compacted, soil pH and nutrient levels can be a limiting factor, so we will also discuss how with regular soil tests you can manage your soils to ensure that the available soil nutrients aren’t being limited.  At a local level we’ll explore common minor nutrient deficiencies and how these will impact your crops.

With another round of SRDP AECS funding in the horizon, we’ll explore the benefits of water margin management and incorporating buffer strips into your fields.  These can not only serve as watercourse protection but can also benefit the overall environmental profile of the farm.

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This meeting will begin with a farm walk near Longside before moving to Longside Church Hall later in the day.  Please wear warm clothes and footwear suitable for disinfection.



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