Making Thinning Work for You

Thinning is an essential management operation for growing a good quality timber crop. With the demand for biomass the profitability of thinning has seldom been better.  This has helped forest owners to make money from their crops well before clear-fell, while improving the volume and quality of the remaining crop.


  • Felling licences
  • Types of thinning
  • Thinning income
  • Value of thinning to the crop
  • Timber products
  • Thinning logistics
  • Looking after biodiversity

This event, which will be kindly hosted by the Stark family, will look at preparations, logistics and value of thinning.  There will also be a visit to a recent first thinning undertaken at Redmyre forest.


  • Mike Strachan, Operations and Development Officer , Forestry Commission
  • Alastair Taylor, Harvesting Manager, Egger
  • Malcolm Young, Senior Forestry Consultant, SAC Consulting
  • Paul Chapman, Ecology Consultant, SAC Consulting


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