Net Zero Arran Discussion Group


While carbon and climate are driving policy for Scottish agriculture biodiversity decline cannot be ignored and nature conservation cannot be compromised in the pursuit of climate change wins. We have seen a massive increase in support for tree planting and this has led to the diversification of farm activity and the creation of new and valuable habitat and increased rates of carbon sequestration.

However the creation of woodlands and forests can negatively impact biodiversity and changing the landscape can deteriorate rich habitat. Tree planting in inappropriate locations can lead to increased predation, unintended drying of wetland and peatland and isolation of once connected habitats with monoculture plantation.

In this meeting the group will be discussing the potential for woodland planting on the island and how to do this without compromising valuable habitat for national priority species like hen harrier or ground nesting wading birds. Joining the discussion are Ian Cornforth, Nature Scot officer and Patrick Laurie, Working for Waders.

A summary report will be made available following this closed meeting.