Net Zero Arran: Farm Plastics Collection

  • March 11 2022
    2:00pm - 4:00pm

For many businesses like Bellevue, farm plastics make up only a fraction of their carbon footprint, but disproportionately contributes to the lack of space and mess around a steading. Members of the general public expect farmers, crofters and landowners to be the custodians of the countryside, and that means keeping farm steadings tidy and in good running order. At the same time, businesses operating in the highlands and on the islands often have a harder time getting goods on and off farm – and so facilitation of a cooperative approach to plastic management will push the issue to the forefront, when it is so often left in the corner.

At this meeting, we take a look at the kinds of plastics that can be collected and recycled from farm and the condition that it should be in for collection.

This meeting is the first in the 2022 line-up for the Net Zero Arran climate change benchmarking group and as such, is closed to non-members. Details and handouts will be made available on the FAS website at a later date.