Organic Farming and Soil Health

On 17th November from 7.30pm till 9pm there will be a webinar to discuss the differences between organic and conventional farming in relation to soil health. We have compared organic arable and grassland with conventional using the SAC soil health package.

This will be a webinar incorporating a video. There will also be a link and promotion of a video explaining/showing the value of a soil health test and how to carry it out. The webinar will compare organic management of both arable and grassland with conventional management and the effect it has on the soil. Soil Health Tests have been carried out (8, 4 on organically managed land and 4 conventional) and the results will be compared and used as a basis to discuss the pros. and cons. of each system from a soil health viewpoint e.g. no use of inorganic nitrogen and restrictions on other fertiliser but possibly more trafficking. We would expect more bug activity and we will see if this is the case. The use of various fertility building methods e.g. organic manure, rotations, grass/clover leys and cover/fertility building crops. The message will be one of increased efficiency though good soil health and recycling of nutrients.

Gavin Elrick will provide an overview on soil to include compaction/drainage and Paul Hargreaves on the bugs/biology side.