Orkney Managed Grazing Open Meeting


Orkney Managed Grazing Group, an initiative from Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), is hosting their second open meeting on Friday 20th March and invite livestock farmers interested in learning how to use grass in a more financially positive way to attend.

The meeting will focus on how to get the most out of spring grassland, whilst looking back at winter successes and forward to summer opportunities.

The workshop will begin at 9.45am at the Albert Hotel and after lunch we will travel to Quanterness Farm (KW15 1TY) to look at grassland management in action with the aim to finish at 2:30.

All are welcome and the event is free.

Two key speakers attending the event, Andre Van Bareveld from Graise Consultancy and Jamie Leslie from Scholland farm Shetland, will share their expertise with the group.

Andre Van Bareveld, whom originally hails from New Zealand and is now based in Northern Ireland, has been working with farmers all over the world on increasing their livestock output from pasture.

At the upcoming workshop, Mr Van Bareveld will share some of his tried and tested methods for ensuring that grasslands are set up well for Spring, and how to manage grasslands when they are challenged by the weather. As part of this session, the core group has had grass samples analysed and the results will be presented and discussed at the workshop.

Sharing his top tips for managing winter fodder from his livestock farm on Shetland, will be farmer Jamie Leslie.

Mr Leslie, a finalist in the Scotch Beef Farm of the Year Award in 2019, has implemented many innovative techniques and practices to enable him to winter his livestock cheaply, including growing fodder crops. As wintering costs can bear a significant impact on farm profitability, managing the cost of winter can yield significant benefits.

In the afternoon the attendees will visit Quanterness Farm where host Willie Harcus has been trialing subdivision of pasture and rotational grazing.

Contact & Booking Info: 

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Please email jevans@qmscotland.co.uk if you have any special dietary requirements or if you would like more information

Please remember clean kit and disinfectable footwear for the farm visit.