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The Graze Debate


This conference will debate the impact of different grazing techniques for long term farm sustainability.

Hear from the scientists, farmers and others in the industry to understand how livestock grazing methods impact carbon sequestration, animal performance and animal health. See the line up below – hope to see you there!

Session 1: Topical science

  • Grazing and Soil carbon: Christine Watson (SRUC)
  • Novel Forages and animal performance: Tommy Bowland (UCD)
  • Rotational grazing and parasitic worms: Mike Evans (Roslin)


Session 2: Rotational grazing systems in action

  • Holistic Grazing: Rob Havard (Phepson farm)
  • Paddock Grazing: Graham Lofthouse (Bankhouse Farm)


Debate session

Session 3: Optimising Farm systems

  • Making more from forage in a challenging environment– Poppy Frater (SAC Consulting) and Jamie Leslie (Scholland Farm)
  • Balancing short and long term goals – Jack Keeys (FARMAX Ltd) and Charlie Walker (Barnside Farm)


To book your place, get tickets online here, call 01835 823 322 or email Val Angus.


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