Using Cattle Records: How to have an efficient business?

  • November 25 2020
    12:30pm - 2:00pm

Having an efficient business is all important in these uncertain times.

Do you know their calving intervals, or which is the best performing cow?

These are often simple questions that can reveal a lot about the efficiency of the business.

Many businesses keep just Statutory Records to satisfy RPID and legal requirements. This is often just basic information. However, useful management information can be extracted from even these basic records that allow you to improve the efficiency of the business.

But why stop there! Extra information can be easily collected either on paper or through a computer package that allows the business to become even more efficient particularly in times of tightening margins.

Join us for an interactive and online discussion looking at a step to step guide to take you through:

  • The useful information that can be extracted from basic records.
  • The additional information that can easily be added.
  • The more comprehensive information required and ways that that can be gathered.

This will help you take the business to the next level of efficiency and profitability over the coming months and years.