Women in Agriculture, Morayshire – Benchmarking: Where Does Your Money Go?

Join us on Tuesday 24th August at 8 pm for the second Morayshire Women in Agriculture which follows on from business planning meetings held in previous years to find out how to assess how well your farm business is performing.

Benchmarking is an important tool to further understand your business position especially how this changes year on year, which enterprises are most successful and how your farm compares to industry averages. All of which can be used for future strategic planning.

Our guest speaker for the evening is Sascha Grierson, Project manager of the SAC Consulting Farm Business Survey. Sascha leads a team of 14 who conduct financial analysis of 400 – 500 Scottish farm businesses each year on behalf of the Scottish Government. Out with work, Sascha farms organic Aberdeen Angus suckler cows, sheep, pigs, broilers, and free-range layers alongside her husband in Perthshire. Produce from the farm goes through the on-farm butchery and farm shop. She also runs farm tours, self-catering accommodation, and events.

During this highly interactive one hour Zoom meeting, Sascha will guide us through using the FAS benchmarking tool highlighting where to find the key figures on your farm accounts and how to interpret the results using a series of examples.

To tailor the meeting content to your experience and needs we have a pre-event survey to complete in advance which will be emailed out once you register.