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Agriscot 2019 podcast

In this episode of the podcast we talk to Alex Pirie, an Agricultural Consultant about people he spoke to at AgriScot 2019 covering the state of farming and how attendees…

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Online safety podcast

We’ve been running events looking at digital security for your agricultural business.  After one of the events, Seamus Murphy sat down with Chloe McCulloch and Alex Pirie who were running…

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Brexit and fertiliser podcast

Many producers know and understand where their output goes downstream in the supply chain but what about upstream and the suppliers there?  In this episode, Chloe McCulloch speaks to Matthew…

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Arable Scotland 2019: podcast

Arable Scotland was a brand-new event for Scotland where the industry could view, share and explore the new innovations that will drive the markets and the future sustainability of Scottish arable…

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