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Rotational Grazing Vlog: Adapting grazing in cooler May conditions on Shetland



Grass growth on Scholland Farm has been slow due to cool may conditions. Therefore, the ewe and lamb grazing has been adapted and the cows are grazing shorter grass than usual.

Jamie mentions the cows would normally go into grass covers of 2200 [kilograms of dry matter per hectare or kg DM/ha], yet these cows are going into 1900. 2200 kg DM/ha roughly equates to 7.5cm and 1900 kg DM/ha around 5.5 cm. We translate cm to kg DM/ha in order to feed budget – we understand how many kg of dry matter a cow requires but we cannot quantify her requirement in centimetres. For this reason, many rotational graziers talk in this language.


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