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Webinar: Woodland Creation & Management Part 3 – Managing Existing Woodlands



This is a recording of the third and final webinar in our Woodland Creation & Management series. In this episode, we hear from a range of panellists about how to maximise the returns from an existing farm woodland, whether that be increasing the biodiversity on the farm and the benefits this can bring; managing harvesting to maximise your financial returns; accessing funding to improve farm access to the woodland and last but not least, hedgerows and hedgerow trees.

Helen Bibby’s presentation slides titled ‘Managing Native and Broadleaved Woodlands for Biodiversity’ can be downloaded with this link >>

Stephen Adlard’s presentation slides titled ‘Don’t Forget the Trees Outside the Woodland’ can be downloaded with this link >>

Please use the links below to access recordings of the earlier webinars in this series and for further information visit our Farm Woodlands section on this website or contact our Farm Advisory Service helpline either by calling 0300 323 0161 or by email to

  1. Woodland Creation & Management: Part 1 – Benefits of Woodlands
  2. Woodland Creation & Management: Part 2 – Successful Woodland Establishment


A photo of the title slide from the 'Woodland Creation & Management - Managing existing woodlands' webinar. The background behind the title box shows a young deciduous trees that are planted in a linear formation.

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