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Soil management and nutrient network farms

    Agronomy Roadshows 2022

    AHDB, FAS and SRUC will be coming together in January 2022 and running three Agronomy roadshows as on-line events. The winter Agronomy Roadshows will cover the latest in technical content for…

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    2021 Scottish Potato Crop Inspections and Statistics

    Potatoes are a vegetatively propagated crop, and the health status of Scottish seed potatoes is a strategic priority. SASA, the authority responsible for safeguarding the health of Scottish Seed potatoes carries out growing crop inspections for all certified seed. A summary of the 2021 growing crop inspections has recently been released highlighting the high health status of Scottish potatoes, but also bringing timely reminders of threats that need proper management.

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    Compost and Growing Media

    Do you have a horticultural enterprise on your croft or smallholding? Do you buy or make compost or growing media? Do you get variable results?! In this webinar, Audrey Litterick…

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    Potato Seed Treatments

    The 2021 potato seed crop has been in store for several months, but with some stocks being graded for export it’s timely to review management options for seed treatments.
    It is important to take an integrated approach to crop management and to assess each stock on a case-by-case basis.

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    Phosphorus Management and the Relationship Between Differing Soils Capacity to Regulate P Availability for Plant Uptake in Scotland

    A novel soil specific approach to P management has allowed better use of soil reserves to reduce P fertiliser by using differing soils capacity to regulate P availability for plant uptake and improve sustainability of food production. The approach is novel as it is the first to make use of high-resolution spatial data directly in nutrient use recommendations.

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