Acquiring Land Through Purchase

The second of our series of “A new Start” webinars, we will look at acquiring land.

Buying and owning land is viewed as the pinnacle of success but it is often seen as unachievable for many.  Join us as we look at acquiring farmland in Scotland through purchase, which will show how it can be done.

Our speaker for the evening, Alistair Christie has a wealth of experience in the sale and purchase of farmland in Scotland, providing rural valuations and securing AMC (Agricultural Mortgage Corporation) loans as a partner at Galbraith.  Brought up on a dairy and sheep farm in Central Scotland, he is ideally placed to answer all your questions on purchasing agricultural land.

Alistair will guide us through the land purchase process from finding land for sale right through to conclusion of missives.  Many of the myths and jargon surrounding purchasing land will be cut though.

Topics covered include:

  • Where to find land for sale?
  • What are current land values in Scotland?
  • What does the sale process entail?
  • How long does the process take?
  • Any common pitfalls/hidden costs?

This webinar will be the second in a national programme, taking you step by step in the new entrant process, from industry entry options to establishing and managing relationships and support networks.