An Introduction to Sheep Keeping

For any new crofter who has taken on sheep the initial setup rules and regulations can be a minefield of daunting red tape. Often finding basic hands on advice and guidance on stock management, health and selection can be a challenge in itself.

This course will provide:

  • Guidance on business set-up with Rural Payments and Animal Health.
  • A walk through session on record keeping as required by Scottish Government – with Rob Black, SAC Consultant Stornoway
  • A hands on demonstration on animal health and stock management – jointly led by Kay Falconer, Old Mill Veterinary Practice Stornoway and Iain Macmillan, SAC Consultant Stornoway.
    • Including stock management pre-tupping, treatment of stock – drenching, feet and teeth assessment and a controlled use of Anthelmintic (Drench).
    • Breeding assessment with a tup MOT and stock management throughout the tupping period.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.