Drones & Devices for Modern Day Farming

Thought drones were just for fun, for taking aerial shots and pretty pictures?  Did you know a drone could save you time and money on your farm?  Have you ever considered what new technology is available to help improve your farms performance and bottom line?

Advances in technology have revolutionised in every industry and farming is no exception.

Join us for this on-line webinar on Wednesday 12th August at 8pm where our guest speakers will be explaining how technology is becoming more and more important in the farming world.

Gavin Dick from Agri-Epi will be explaining why technology is important for modern day farming and giving an overview on several different projects that are currently underway to help with moving farming forward.  These will include the use of satellite farms, real-time inventions to include the progressive use of bolus, ear tags, sensors and collars to make informed management decisions.

Craig MacIntosh from Highland Drones Ltd, will be guiding us through the advancements and benefits of using drones in agriculture and how using a drone can help reduce your labour costs, fuel costs and time.

In an ever-evolving world of technical advances, this meeting will focus on the importance of using realistic technology to improve farm health and productivity.