Making Farm Forestry Work For You (Stirling)


Do you own or manage an existing woodland?

This event is aimed at existing owners of areas of woodland and will provide the information needed to improve the productivity of that investment.

After a few years of growth, new and existing woodlands need a bit of maintenance to ensure that the end crop reaches its maximum potential, as well as providing an interim cash input.  During this event, we will hear from a range of forestry and agricultural professionals on how best to manage your woods, from thinning to restocking and details of Felling Permissions and the Forestry Grant Scheme that is there to help fund forest roads and access, and restocking operations.  We will also discuss the value of farm woodlands to farming and the environment something which is becoming more topical with recent media coverage of how Scotland will meet the Net Zero by 2045 target.

Guest Speakers

  • Julie Paton, Woodland Officer, Scottish Forestry
  • Stuart Hansom, Harvesting Manager, Euroforest
  • Robin Mair, Senior Consultant, SAC Consulting
  • Malcolm Young, Senior Forestry Consultant, SAC Consulting

Following an indoor meeting, there will be an outdoor session with a visit a recently thinned farm forest outside Denny.

Lunch will be provided as part of this event, please use the booking form below to secure your place and help us arrange catering.


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