Meeting Market Demand – Webinar 1: Food Policy & The Agricultural Landscape


As Scotland moves into uncharted waters on a number of fronts, it is important that all links in the production chain are resilient and prepared for the challenges ahead.

With the recent passing of the Scottish Agriculture Bill, Scotland will have to put its best foot forward in terms of producing quality produce of a high standard. Martin Kennedy of the National Farmers Union has a wealth of experience and a depth of knowledge on the issue and will join us to discuss what it means for Scottish producers and take your questions.

Arran has long been at the forefront of innovation when taking collaborative approaches to build local resilience. Also joining us is Taste of Arran’s Alastair Dobson who took the island group from the grassroots to an industry leader in forward thinking, he discusses the process of achieving this and what he sees as the challenges for the industry moving forward.

This webinar is the first in a two-part series running through November 2020 that also includes a producers showcase and marketing advice from SAC Consulting’s Food & Drink team.


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