Optimising Calf Performance (Orkney)


We are holding an event specifically aimed at the dairy farmers of Orkney.  The topic is calves and how to get the rearing of your dairy calves right and maximise their potential to benefit your business and herd.

The two speakers are Lorna MacPherson, Dairy Consultant, SAC Consulting and Hugh McClymont, SRUC Farm Manager, at Crichton.

Lorna will be looking at issues surrounding getting the basics right from colostrum and housing to feeding and weaning issues.  She will also look at the performance of the calf and how this can indicate whether you are getting this right or wrong.  Indeed she will examine if you are getting it wrong, how to turn this around for the benefit of your herd.

Our second speaker will be Hugh McClymont.  This is his first time in Orkney, despite Dumfries being nearly 400 miles away there are common pressures to all dairies no matter where they are based in Scotland.

Hugh was awarded Dairy Farmer of the Year 2013 for his work at the Crichton which is primarily a Dairy Research Centre with over 500 milking cows.  The aim of the farm is to develop, implement and provide information on a sustainable breeding and management systems for dairy cattle.  Hugh will discuss how they do things at Crichton and the pressures they face.  He will also be look at some of the research projects at Crichton with regard to calves and passing on the reasons behind the research and its findings.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.