Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network – Final Meeting


This is the third and final meeting of the Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network

Our guest speaker for this event is SAC Consulting’s Poppy Frater who is a grassland specialist.

During this afternoon meeting at Stonsay Community Centre, we will have a quick recap about what has been discussed over the two-year project and what changes have been made at Midgarth, our host farm.

Poppy will focus on grassland management to improve crop yields, quality and vitally, grassland utilisation.  As part of this, we will explore the benefits of using a plate meter for more efficient grassland management.  Accurate grass growth measurements and targeted grazing management can allow for a greater reliance on production from grass, reducing inputs and helping profitability for the farm business.

We will discuss the importance of soil organic matter and how best to improve it for better crop growth, as well as exploring the importance of knowing your soil structure and how a soil compaction meter can give an indication of underlying problems.  Also up for discussion is  Sulphur – we no longer have the same atmospheric sulphur, and applying it with an artificial fertiliser compound is often overlooked.

Please use the booking form below to secure your place.  This event is free to attend and open to all.  If you missed our previous two meetings you can catch up on what was discussed in our meeting notes available here where you can also find a case study about our host farm.



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