Rainwater and run-off – is your steading drainage system letting money flow away? (Webinar)

How can well thought out steading drainage systems reduce pollution risks and also save money?

See how controlling run-off and dirty water can help your business by leaving more space for slurry and silage effluent, reduce handling or contractors costs and reduce the risk of causing pollution.

This webinar looks at:

  • Good and bad examples of steading drainage and how some big improvements can be made for little cost.
  • Rainwater and run-off- are you letting money run off your roofs and yards and down the drain?
  • Out of sight and out of mind – but could your current set up actually be draining away profits and costing you money?
  • What are the best options for different situations
  • Why SUDS shouldn’t get you in a lather.

Using real examples and case studies, the benefits of effective steading drainage systems will be demonstrated so participants can take these messages and apply them to their farms.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask our panel of experts about your queries.

  • Agricultural Consultant – George Chalmers, SAC Consulting
  • Drainage Consultant – Gavin Elrick, SAC Consulting
  • Pete Wright, Land Unit, SEPA
  • Emma Gordon, Agricultural Consultant, SAC Consulting.