Women in Agriculture, Stirling: Motivate and Inspire

Teleri Fielden – Snowdonia Shepherdess

Today’s farming world it can seem very difficult for New entrants to get moving on the farming ladder. Teleri Fielden explains the processes, support and inspiration that enabled her to fulfil her dream.

There are many physical, emotional and social barriers to cross getting into farming and Teleri will explain how de-spite the odds stacked against her she overcame these challenges.

This online farm meeting is Teleri’s story and if you want to be encouraged and inspired please join us for the webinar on Tuesday the 23rd February at 7pm.

What’s happening:

Teleri will discuss:

  • Her background and how she got into agriculture.
  • The do’s and don’ts for getting a tenancy.
  • Overcoming physical, financial and social barriers.

There will be a Q/A session at the end of Teleri’s talk.

Please make time to join us for this special event.