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Technical note (TN741): Recommended grass and clover varieties 2020-2021

23 January 2021

The agricultural industry in Scotland is co-operating in a scheme to ensure the continuation of the SRUC Recommended List of grass and clover varieties. The scheme, with the support of…

Winter Agronomy Digital Roadshows 2021: IPM planning and fungicide updates

15 January 2021


Sustainability and profitability are two cornerstones for Scottish arable production. In this session a new IPM assessment plan for Scotland will be announced to help individual businesses score their practices…

Integrated Pest Management plan

Winter Agronomy Digital Roadshow podcasts – IPM planning

11 January 2021


The Winter Agronomy Roadshows in January for this year will be delivered on-line as a combination of technical lectures, podcasts and interactive discussion sessions. In this podcast, Professor Fiona Burnett of…

Small scale seed saving on the Uist machair

Small scale cropping is thriving on the machairs of Uist. A key element of the system is the use of traditional indigenous varieties of seed that are uniquely suited to…

Group of people looking at a sward lifter

Technical note (TN739): Use of a Sward Lifter to Improve Grassland Soil Compaction

28 November 2020

A good soil structure is essential to achieve optimum grassland growth. Soil structure is determined by the way that particles of soil are bound together to form fragments. A good…


How can beneficial insects help you?

24 November 2020


How can beneficial insects help you? What insects inhabit agricultural land? How can we tweak the balance towards insects that are beneficial to production? Join Dr Paul Chapman, a conservation…

Farm Management Handbook 2020/21

The 41st edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, rural professionals, students…

Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network: Assessing and Improving Soil

17 November 2020


Our guest speaker during this webinar is SAC Consulting’s Soil & Drainage Specialist, Gavin Elrick. Gavin discusses the importance of maintaining healthy soil organic matter levels. We also take a…

Growing Crops on a Small Scale For The First Time

7 November 2020


In this podcast Derek Hanton of SAC Inverness gives advice to those thinking of growing crops on a small scale for the first time.  Many types of crops are discussed…

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