Women in Agriculture, Scotland: Benchmarking in Business

Join us on Monday 28th March at 7:30pm to find out all about benchmarking and how it can be used to benefit your business.

Benchmarking is an important tool which can be used to further your knowledge and understanding of your businesses position – by allowing year on year changes to be easily identified and monitored. This tool pinpoints successful on farm enterprises, whilst also highlighting areas where improvements can be made. These figures can then be compared to industry averages to assess performance.

During a time where input prices are at an all-time high, benchmarking is a critical tool to allow for strategic planning going forward.

We will be joined for the evening by Sascha Grierson, Project Manager for SAC’s Farm Business Survey. Sascha leads a team 14 who conduct financial analysis of 400-500 Scottish farm businesses each year on behalf of the Scottish Government. At home Sascha ran an organic livestock farm and butchery business in Perthshire with Agritourism events and tours for a number of years prior to joining SAC.

During this webinar, Sascha will provide a background to the importance of benchmarking alongside an introduction into how to get started.