An Introduction to the Borders Soil & Nutrient Network: Kerchesters Farm, Kelso

You are invited to join us for the first of our events for the new Borders Soil & Nutrient Network.  Very kindly, Kerchesters Farm near Kelso is our host farm for this year.

This series of three events over the next six months will focus on issues relating to soil & nutrient management with the ultimate aim of improving efficiency of production. For this first meeting – which is taking place online – we will be primarily focusing on how Kerchesters Farm works to achieve crop nutrient targets and the use of alternative fertilisers and will discuss:

• How to understand Kerchesters’ nutrient status & targets
• Discuss the benefits of using poly sulphate & Potash Plus as alternative fertilisers at Kerchesters farm

We will be joined by Yara UK agronomy manager, Mark Tucker and SAC Consulting’s Soil & Nutrient specialist, Dr Bill Crooks, who will help us to examine recent soil & plant tissue analysis taken at Kerchesters Farm.

Please use this online webinar link to register your attendance. This will be confirmed by an email which will also detail how to join the meeting. You will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to our panellists during this event.

Our Soil & Nutrient Network host farms are taking a ‘before and after’ look at how to protect and improve farm soils and make the best use of both organic and inorganic fertilisers, saving money, benefitting yields and improving farm efficiency and resilience.

The FAS Soil & Nutrient Network has been running since 2017 and so far we’ve had 24 host farms located across Scotland. Each farm holds a series of meetings with a focus on locally relevant topics which have included nutrient management; soil biological; chemical and physical analyses as well as manure and fertiliser budgeting. You can find out more about what has been discussed on each host farm on our webpage.