Ayrshire Soil & Nutrient Network: Establishing & Managing an Autumn Grass Ley

*  Unfortunately, due to local road closures beginning 16 September, this event has had to be postponed. We will publish details of the new date soon *  

“Establishing and Managing and Autumn Grass Ley” with Paddy Jack, DLF Seeds Ltd as our guest speaker

This is the third and final meeting of the Ayrshire Soil & Nutrient Network will be held on our host farm, Dormieston, with the kind permission of James Sloan.

With farming coming under increasing pressure to tackle the threat of climate change and protect the environment now more than ever it is important that farmers take their roles as a land manager seriously, competently and with pride.
Effective resource and nutrient management is not only a smart way of demonstrating this but is also important for creating resilient, efficient and profitable businesses. In Ayrshire resource and nutrient management starts with grass.

At this meeting we will take a look at a broad range of issues relating to the management of grass in the autumn, including;

  • Slurry spreading and waste management
  • Field drainage and fighting compaction
  • Grass seed selection and establishment
  • Autumn grazing options

The meeting will be led by SAC consultants and specialists from around south-west Scotland, as well as a special guest speaker and grassland specialist, Paddy Jack, DLF.

This meeting is free to attend and open to all.  Attendance at the two previous Ayrshire Soil & Nutrient Network is not required.  If you would like to find out more about Dormieston Farm, or what was discussed during the previous events, or at any of the other Soil & Nutrient Network host farms, please visit our Soil & Nutrient Network webpage.

As this is an outdoor and on-farm event, please wear warm clothing and footwear suitable for disinfecting.  Booking is essential to allow us to arrange catering – please use the booking form below.