Banffshire Soil & Nutrient Network: Final Meeting


This is the third and final meeting of the Turriff Soil & Nutrient Network.

Meeting on our host farm, Newmills of Boyne, we will take some time to reflect on the topics covered since the start of the project last July.Road end at Newmills of Boyne our Soil & Nutrient Network Farm near Turriff

The second part of the event will focus on field drainage and we will hear from guest speaker Gavin Elrick, SRUC’s Soils & Drainage expert.

On many soils, having an effective drainage system is essential in order to manage soils and to grow productive, and profitable, crops.

However, field drainage can be very expensive, with a pay-back period extending into many years, if not decades.  Generally, very little investment has been made in new drainage systems on farms for many years.

This event will take a practical look at how farmers should assess the need for field drainage by taking a walk over a field at Newmills of Boyne.  We will concentrate on identifying the current outfalls and gradients and evaluating the options available to efficiently fix existing systems as well as how to estimate the costs and how to work out the potential payback on the investment.

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To catch up on what was discussed at previous events, check out the information on the Newmills Of Boyne webpage here.




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