Building Resilience into your Flock Pre-Lambing (Alford)


This meeting aims to provide a forum for discussion on sheep management in 2019 as lambing approaches, covering the key issues that farmers need to address to ensure they have a successful lambing.  Will will also be highlighting other areas, such as grassland management and farm woodlands that can improve the performance of the enterprise in the long term, helping to build resilience in their sheep enterprise.

Topics covered include:

  • Pre–lambing nutrition – The important points
  • Ways to improve sheep output from Grass
  • What stands between you and a healthy lamb
  • Improving shelter on farm with woodland
  • Handy tips and hints for a successful lambing


  • Poppy Frater – SAC Consulting Sheep & Grassland Specialist
  • Eilidh Corr – SAC Consulting Veterinary Investigation Officer
  • Rebecca Cruden  – SAC Consulting Consultant
  • Simon Jacyna – SAC Consulting Senior Forestry Consultant


Bookings are no longer available for this event.