Climate Change – Cows vs Cars

The ‘silver-bullet’ solution to the climate change crisis is for consumers to stop eating meat – fact or fiction?

Topics surrounding climate change and GHG emissions are never far from the headlines and livestock are often in the spotlight when it comes to the ‘blame game’. There are many theories and opinions about how we work towards creating a sustainable planet with cleaner air quality.

Join us on this webinar for a unique chance to listen to global expert, Dr Frank Mitloehner, the ‘GHG Guru’ from the University of California to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cow carbon cycle and the role livestock play in the challenge of nourishing a growing global population.

Dr Mitloehner is currently investigating air quality in livestock production with the main objective being to help establish environmentally benign livestock systems. He will explain the difference between the gases, their life cycle and how the agriculture, transport and industrial sectors contribute. The scientific data will be combined with what improvements can be made within livestock production to benefit both the producer and consumer knowledge to strengthen the industry.

This is one not to be missed, we hope you can join us. Please note that when you join the webinar, you are automatically put on mute so you can sit back and listen. During the presentation you can type in any questions you would like to ask which will be directed to speakers at the end of the session.