Cow Signals – Indicators for High Herd Health (Eaglesham)


Livestock farming is coming under increasing pressure to meet higher welfare standards.  At the same time high welfare herds have been proven to be more productive and efficient.  This interactive workshop will be split into 3 elements each aimed at helping to improve herd health and management

Cow Signals refers to the visual identification of behaviours that can infer good or bad health within the herd.  They can indicate that there is an issue within the herd, allowing management to resolve it.  At this meeting we will take a look at some of these signals, how to spot them and what action to take.

Information from milk records and electronic systems such as neck collars and pedometers can also provide valuable early indicators of herd health.  We will emphasise the importance of keeping accurate records and look at the key information you should be focusing on, on a regular basis to allow you to take preventative action before problems arise.

We will also be highlighting the importance of monitoring levels of phosphorus in cow diets, although it is important in supporting metabolic processes, excessive levels are excreted which can have a negative effect on water quality.

Guest speakers;

  • Lorna MacPherson, Dairy Specialist, SAC Consulting
  • Colin Mason, SRUC Veterinary Services
  • Donald Brown, SRUC Education

Please bring clothing and footwear appropriate for a farm meeting.

Lunch will be provided, so booking is essential.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.