Dubs, drinkers & ditchwater – Fyvie

Ensuring clean and plentiful water can help the environment and your business.

Livestock having access to watercourses for drinking is very common, but what are the risks to both the environment and also livestock.  Are there better options?  If so what do they cost and could they work on your farm?

With a number of local rivers now designated as ‘Diffuse Pollution Priority catchments’, how does this affect you?  This meeting is an opportunity to answer all of these questions.

Guest speakersSolar powered water pump and trough with black cow drinking from the trough

  • Gavin Elrick, Senior Specialist, SAC Consulting
  • Syd Ross, Water and Wastewater Specialist, Filpumps
  • Local SAC Consultants

Topics for discussion

  • An evaluation of alternative waterings systems installed on a local farm- what worked well and lessons learned
  • What are the impacts in terms of pollution, the wider environment, animal health and performance from livestock accessing watercourses?
  • What systems can be installed? Looking at costs and design, what works where? Is there financial support?
  • Could a borehole be an option on your farm?  A look at the costs and considerations.
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Farming & Water Scotland will also be in attendance with a selection of demonstration equipment and to answer any queries.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.